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Dev 12th August 2017 Today Episode Written Updates! Navekar taunts Dev

Dev 12th August 2017 Today Episode Written Updates! Navekar taunts Dev :- COLORS TV most pleasant enjoyable program, “Dev” looks like an attractive resolution show, which gives the increased voltage potential that changes to the Dev followers.

Dev 12th August 2017 Written Update

The latest episode started with, hijacking calling Ankit to get delivered. Dev says I won’t come in the night, the police are guarding the house, hold up till morning, we will get cash to you in morning. The criminal concurs. Aanya cries. Dev bolsters the feline and says there is something striking me, its somebody from the house, Avnit is sedated junkie.

Ankit has stolen adornments. Awasthi comes to meet Dev and says you know who captured Aanya. Dev says Ankit, in any case, disclose to me why do you question on him. Awasthi says Ankit said that he has sold gems for Avnit, now he has give 70 lakhs, he engages in extramarital relations, I got this from his pocket. Dev asks am I spy or you. Awasthi gives Meeri Devi card. Dev requests that he concentrate on Aanya’s arrival than keeping an eye on Ankit, did you converse with Navekar.

Navekar beats Vilas. Vilas says I don’t know anything about the young lady. Its morning, Dev goes to Ankit’s home. Awasthi keeps a weapon. Pranali gets stunned. Awasthi goes. Dev sees Pranali. Duniya me… ..plays… .. Dev and Awasthi clear out. Navekar tails them. Dev gets criminal’s call and says I will take Aanya, to begin with, we need her safe. He goes to the place and hears Aanya crying. Awasthi holds up outside. Dev gets caught. A man takes the sack from Awasthi. Awasthi tries to shoot. Navekar shoots yet the goons escape/

Dev figures out how to break the entryway. He turns out. Navekar requests that staff follow the pack. Navekar says you lost cash and the young lady as well, put stock in such individuals more. Pranali asks what do you mean, they took Aanya and cash as well.

Navekar says this case is not little, I will be managing everything. Dev says I have guaranteed Pranali. Navekar insults him that he has not satisfied any connection in life. Dev leaves and thinks about his insults. Dev goes home and reviews who could do this. He thinks about Awasthi’s words and sees Meeri Devi’s card.

Dev comes to meet Meera Devi. She sees him from window. Dev sees her doing dhyaan. She asks him what’s his concern. He asks what issues do you make away. She says I have arrangements from all issues. He requests that her make him converse with his Mausi. He gives Zohra Apa’s photograph and says she has kept locker keys some place, I need every one of her subtle elements, she is Meena Kumari. Ankit asks do you think I will seize my girl. Navekar asks where did that cash go at that point.

Navekar gets the pack and says we got this from your auto dickey, disclose to me why did you do this, any issue? Meera Devi begins acting. She utilizes the changes to gleam lights and discharge smoke in the room. Dev takes a gander at her. Meera converses with Dev as Meena Mausi. She says I don’t recollect in regards to locker keys. Dev says association would be feeble, we will dial once more. He calls Zohra Apa and converses with her on the video call. Meera gets stunned.

He says my Mausi is alive, do you know Ankit. She says yes, yet…. He says I m criminologist Dev Anand, on the off chance that you don’t reveal to me anything, I will open you to police, Ankit is my customer. Ankit says Meera is tantric, she exhorts me, Meera gave me this memento and rings.

She says yes, he calls me before each work, what’s happening with you. He checks Ankit’s record and says Aanya’s birthday is something unique, in what capacity would this be able to happen. She asks how might you take the document. He says you are utilizing individuals’ powerlessness, once Aanya gets spared, I will see you. She asks do you have heart or stone.

Pranali says Aanya needed to end up the painter, everything is turning out badly. Dev checks Aanya’s pics. Dev says my work won’t be simple till you shroud truth, this is your and Ankit’s pic, you are not pregnant in this pic, what’s reality, when was Aanya conceived.

Pranali says we have received Aanya, we didn’t do this lawfully, her genuine guardians required cash and were in rush, I didn’t wish to lose Aanya. He asks where are her genuine guardians. Pranali says Sushma made us meet them, they remain adjacent. Dev says you ought to have not shrouded this, do you have their address.

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