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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Ishita bails Raman out, announces to the media that she knows who the killer is

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) urges Shagun to remember what happened that night as Shagun tries to remember everything in detail. Flashback to Mani banging the door asking Shagun to open the door and when she does Mani gets stabbed by someone. She immediately takes a picture and tries to escape as the killer charges towards her. She can’t see the killer’s face because of the lights and he hits her on the head with a vase. Shagun falls down unconscious. Ishita then tells Shagun that she is not the killer then. Meanwhile, Roshni is trying to convince to Pihu that her Shagun will be perfectly fine. She asks Pihu to not worry.

Pihu’s friends leave and Roshni takes Pihu with them to drop all her friends home. She asks Nilu to inform Ishita. Adi tells Shagun how she lost her memory and they ask Shagun to remember the killer’s face somehow but in vain. One of Pihu’s friend’s governess speaks to them rudely asking them why they came home. She sees the rakhi on riya’s wrist and gets upset. She forces her to remove the rakhi and asks the servant to get a sanitizer. She cleans her wrist with a tissue and sanitizer. Just then, Roshni gets up to leave but Riya forces them to stay for some more time. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 August 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: Shagun tells Ishita that she is Mani’s murderer)

Shagun asks who the killer according to the police is and no one is able to answer her. Ishita hesitates and says that the police have arrested Raman and Shagun is shocked to listen to it. She says how Raman (Karan Patel) fell prey to circumstances. Shagun says that Raman could neveer have done it when Ishita says that circumstances point towards Raman and a lot of weird things had been happening ever since she lost her memory. Ishita tells her everything and says that someone has been tampering with the evidence. Shagun tells them that she’ll tell the police Raman is innocent when Ishita says that they don’t have enough proof and it’s not safe for her to go outside.

Ruhi then tells Shagun why Mani was trying to hurt her the night he got killed. Riya is playing in her room with Pihu and throws a soft toy at the governess by mistake. The governess gives her a phone and asks her to speak with her mom. Roshni takes the hint and leaves with Pihu. They hug each other and leave. Pihu tells her that she can come to her house any time she wants. Ruhi then tells everyone that she had seen the woman who was connected to Mani. Ishita then calls the police home aand gives him Shagun’s recorded statement.

Ishita then tells the police that she will help them catch the killer and shares her plan to catch the killer with him. Ishita tells Raman that no one can know Shagun got her memory back. She takes him out and tells him that she called the meddia. Ishita then tells the media that Raman is not the killer when everyone asks how she proved his innocence. Ishita says that Shagun got her memory back for some time but has slipped into amnesia again. She also says that she knows who the killer is but will tell them who it is within two days.

Adi comes and takes Raman – Ishita away and Ishita tells Raman about her fake announcement in the car. She tells him that the killer will now not attack Shagun but they will be able to catch the killer now. They share a cute moment with Adi in the car who is trying his best to ignore them and drive.

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