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#ZKM Zindagi Ki Mahek 12th October 2017 Episode Written Updates! Shaurya gets shocked

#ZKM Zindagi Ki Mahek 12th October 2017 Episode Written Updates! Shaurya gets shocked :- The last night episode of the TV series Mahek – Zindagi Ki begins with Mahek is now Vandana who in the terrace to break her Karwa Chauth fast and Madhav’s mother comes and asked her to break her fast by seeing Madhav’s picture. Mahek said no she will be waiting for her.

Now Vandana’s son come in the terrace and started running, Vandana tries to stop him but Neel just goes out. Neel went out of the house and while holding Neel and tries to stop him, he remembers that Madhav warned her if she will be going out from the house then he will kill her.

Mahek 12th October 2017 Written Updates

But still, Vandana go out on the day of Karwa Chauth only to stop Neel. Neel while in the road bump with Shaurya and said sorry uncle, Shaurya said it’s ok. Kanta breaks her fast by seeing her husband’s face but suddenly broke down in tears.

Jeevan tries to consoles her but Kanta cursed the god and Shaurya and said I’ll never forget Shaurya and god. God take my Mahek from me and Shaurya he promised me he will be taken care of Mahek post wedding but still Mahek die and we lose her.

Jeevan and Ravi try to make her realized this is not Shaurya’s mistake but Kanta did not hear anything just cursed Shaurya. Now on the other side, Mahek catch Neel in the road and asked him to come home.

But Mahek said she will be waiting for his papa to come so that she can break her fast by seeing his photo in the terrace. But Neel is so stubborn, she asked to Mahek that she need to break her fast now on the road by seeing Papa’s image in the mobile.

She should not wait for dad as it’s too late and you must be hungry.

Mahek reluctantly gives nod and Neel brings puja’s thaali for her. In the meantime, Shaurya was on that particular road on the other side. Mahek and Shaurya were not aware of it that they are on the same road.

While doing the karwa Chauth vrat Mahek see the moon with her net but when she was about to see the Madhav’s photo she suddenly see in the net Shuarya’s pic. Mahek feels something but she did not recognize Shaurya.

Now Mahek asked Neel how she will be drinking water there is no water. Neel said I’ll bring water for you and she brings the water from the bench which was Shaurya’s bottle and he also drank it.

Neel gives this water to Mahek and Mahek drank it but suddenly Madhav come and he lashes at Mahek. Mahek and Neel turn scared. He also grabs Mahek and Neel to the house and hurts both Mahek and Neel.

Madhav’s mom and dad discuss Madhav and Madhav’s dad said he is such a ruthless. Madhav’s mother takes the side of Madhav and asked his dad that when he denied daughter-in-law to go out from the house then why Vandana go out.

Madhav’s dad asked his mother but it doesn’t mean he should raise hands on Vandana, Did I ever beat you?
Now when Madhav was about to slap Mahek (Vandana) and Neel, Madhav’s dad saved both Neel and Vandana but Madhav call her characterless which hurts Vandana.

Now Vandana takes Neel to her bedroom where Vandana tries to make Neel understand we can’t do anything against dad but Neel said I hate my dad and I’ll be do everything against him.

Vandana cries and asked Neel you should not be angry at dad but Neel said I’m angry on dad and he gets slept on the lap of Vandana. Mahek now Vandana cries looking at Neel and turn sad.

On the next morning, Shaurya remembers Mahek also visit the place where he was with Mahek for a honeymoon.Humari adhuri kahani plays… Shaurya wipes his tears as Vicky comes there with Karona.

Karona says we are going to mandir, do you ken to see the wedding card. Shaurya says don’t involve me this matter.

Karona asked to Shaurya that I know you have come for Mahek’s death anniversary here but it’s about Vicky’s happiness so come in the temple with, Shaurya says no I am not in the mood which hurts both Vicky and Koruna.


Shaurya brings Neel out of his car near Neel’s house. Neel goes towards his house and says Maa see I came here in a big car. Mahek comes to doorsteps of a house. Shaurya is approaching the door and is about to see her.

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