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[Photos] While Mira Rajput is away, Shahid Kapoor finds his new twinning partner

Shahid Kapoor is a doting daddy and there’s no doubt about it. The actor adores his darling daughter, Misha Kapoor, who turned one this year and needs a reason to flaunt his love for her every day. While we have seen umpteen number of instances where Shahid Kapoor was seen twinning with his wifey, Mira Rajput, his recent outing was a refreshing change. The handsome hunk of Bollywood was seen twinning with daughter Misha in his recent casual outing and we must say, seeing this adorable father-daughter duo together made our day. Trust us when we say, Misha and Shahid never looked so cute together and we hope he continues to make more such appearances with her in future. Also Read: Shahid Kapoor graces the December cover of GQ and it’s so BLAH!

While Shahid Kapoor opted for a royal blue T-shirt with dull blue shorts and black slip-ons, Misha was dressed in a beautiful matching blue baby dress with white shoes. We must say Mira and Shahid have some refined taste, when it comes to their daughter’s wardrobe. Her outfits are always perfect for a toddler and even the colour palettes that they choose for her is a healthy blend of different tints and tones. Enjoying her evening snacks while resting in daddy’s arms, Misha seemed to have her evening sorted. Since Mira Rajput is out of town  for a couple of days (we snapped her at the airport), it’s Sasha’s duty to entertain his baby girl and keep her occupied. Even if that involves taking her out for an evening stroll and playing with her. Also Read: While Shahid Kapoor plays a King in Padmavati, Misha Kapoor reminds us of Disney Princess Moana as she dashes through the airport – View HQ Pics

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No, seriously how cute can Shahid Kapoor get? While the actor was always sceptical about revealing his daughter’s face to all his fans initially, he’s equally open now. His Instagram feed is, in fact, loaded with pictures and videos that make us stalk him, day in and day out. Mira Rajput can heave a sigh of relief as Sasha knows how to take care of his daughter and pamper her like momma dearest.

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