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Bepannaah, 22 May, 2018, show highlights: Rajveer Khanna enters to make Zoya and Aditya’s life difficult

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Bhabi is stunned that Aditya and Zoya are so shy. Aditya opens his arms and Bhabi forces Zoya to embrace him. They are awkward. Aditya and Zoya hug each other. Someone clicks their picture. Bhabi goes away. They follow her. Mahi sees them from behind a tree.

Anjana is busy with a maid. Sakshi sees her while passing. Anjana is suspicious. Anjana gets a call and the person asks her to leave the house as early as possible.

The employee distributes the dresses. Bhabi explains how Kandi Bhai is conscious about the dresses of the girls at their home.

Aditya realises that he has worn the t-shirt wrong. he can’t pull it off. Zoya comes in unknowingly. Aditya asks for her help. Zoya helps him. Mahi is stunned to see them together. Zoya leaves in a hurry. Mahi tries to get close with Aditya. He leaves in a hurry.

Noor is waiting at the cafe. Sakshi walks in at the same cafe and wishes for everything to end today, as she can’t hide anymore. She goes inside the washroom. Arjun walks in. Noor asks him what to order, Arjun denies. Sakshi comes out and takes a seat.

Everyone is ready for the match. Kandi Bhai shouts at Bhabi for wearing the t-shirt. His son manages the situation.

Noor and Arjun are talking. Sakshi gets the call where the person asks her to leave the bag behind and go away. She follows the instruction. Noor sees her leaving without the bag and calls her. Arjun spots her. He tries to calm her down and help her with the bag. Sakshi picks the bag without her will. Arjun bids farewell to Noor and leaves with Sakshi. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 21 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya declares he won’t help Zoya anymore)

The teams have a toss and Kandi Bhai team chooses to bat while Zoya-Adi team chooses bowling. The match starts. Zoya is scared of the ball, Aditya taunts her. Kandi Bhai’s son gets out by a catch taken by Mahi. Kandi Bhai comes for batting. Aditya reminds Zoya of the condition. Zoya praises Aditya, Kandi Bhai is impressed. Aditya delivers a ball again. Zoya praises Aditya again and compares Aditya with Sachin Tendulkar. Kandi Bhai gets angry. Kalpesh gets run out. Aditya asks Zoya to throw the ball. Zoya is bound to do it. Kandi Bhai is impressed by Aditya’s command over Zoya.

Mahi warns Aditya for not sending Zoya as she knows nothing about cricket. Aditya tells her that it is his plan to keep Kandi Bhai happy. Kandi Bhai keeps on hitting sixes. Kandi Bhai says that if a girl keeps on bowling then he will keep on hitting. Aditya shifts place. Zoya is determined to see Kandi Bhai return from the pavilion. Zoya delivers a ball. Both Zoya and Aditya try to take the catch but collides and fall over each other. A hand catches the ball. The man who was calling Kalpesh is revealed to be the man who has caught the catch. The man introduces himself as Rajveer Khanna.

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